Why Choose Quicken IT Career (QIC)

 We understand that finding the perfect QA & BA Training Course can be quite the challenge to fit in with busy daily schedules and profession requirements.

But this time, trust us; you won’t have to search any further. Quicken IT Career (QIC) is the ultimate go to platform for trusted high-quality business analyst training courses for learners from various backgrounds. You don’t need to have IT knowledge, a degree in IT or any IT experience to join our business analyst training courses. The most important prerequisite to taking the most important step in changing your career is by having the passion and desire to learn about the business analyst industry. We will guide you everything there is to know about being a successful Business Analyst (BA) or Quality Analyst (QA).

Quicken IT Career (QIC) is the place to be. Our business analyst training courses are specifically curated for working professionals with and without any prior technical experience.  With the main objective of helping you secure the job of your dreams as a business analyst, we will teach you all the industry terms, which are used on a daily basis.

In today’s recruitment scene, the IT industry is one of biggest recruiters.

There are thousands of IT related job opportunities available in the following recruitment platforms:

  • 12078 in Simply hired
  • 6900 in Linked In
  • 6522 in Indeed
  • 19020 in Recruit.net
  • 3545 in Disc

With more and more jobs added and available daily in IT related industries, Quicken IT Career (QIC) wants to help you secure a job in this industry by providing you with the required knowledge.

At Quicken IT Career (QIC), we will teach you everything you have to know about being a Business Analyst. Quicken IT Carrer’s business analyst training course is equipped with the latest learning methods in the market, providing you an interactive learning experience.

Providing an enhanced approach to understanding the business analyst industry, students are provided space to ask more questions and more assistance before and after the class.

We provide easy to comprehend business analyst training courses with basic teaching methods allowing students with no IT background comprehend the lessons easily.

Quicken IT Career (QIC) business analyst training courses covers every aspect of the industry:

  • We provide real time projects to give you a taste of what to expect in the workforce
  • In depth software domain knowledge
  • Industry tools
  • Our trainers are practicing business analysts and industry experts who provide hands on expertise

Why are most people overlooked for job opportunities as a business analyst?

You’ve got the experience and the skills but you don’t include what needs to be included in your resume. Your resume is the first impression, the determination factor of whether you will catch an employer’s eye or not. The interview will seal the deal.

At Quicken IT Career (QIC), we provide you the guide to preparing a resume which is irresistible and the skill sets and confidence which will make you a force not to be reckoned with.

The Main Reasons To Choose QIC

 Affordable Range Training Fees

Compared to other learning institutions, QIC offers affordably priced training fees to allow each and everyone the opportunity to learn.

 Training Courses Are Taught By Industry Experts

QIC’s business analyst and quality analyst are taught by instructors with over ten years of experience in the business analyst industry.

Enhanced Learning Ability With High-Quality Training Materials

QIC training course learning materials are 100% job oriented & produced with state of the art industry tools and prepared by industry experts

Industry Relevant Projects, Class Workshops And Case Studies

QIC’s training course is designed to be relevant to the present industry requirements which are why the projects, real-time projects, case studies, and workshops reflect the current industry to further prepare students.

State Of The Art Technology & Industry Equipment

QIC training courses and classes are conducted with the help of the latest technology and industry equipment to enhance student’s learning ability.

 Flexible Training Sessions

QIC’s training courses provide students the opportunity to complete the training course during the onsite weekend classes or during the online training courses to fit their busy schedules.

Intimate Classes With Maximum 10 Students Per Class

QIC’s onsite weekend and weekdays training courses are limited to maximum ten students per class to allow students a better session to comprehend the lesson.

Job Hunt 101 Preparation With Resume Assistance

QIC not only helps students understand the industry subject but also prepare students on how to write the perfect resumes to help in their job hunt

Job Placement and On Job Support

QIC provides full job placement and on job support for each and every student as the main objective of QIC is not only to educate students but also to help secure jobs.

Mock Practice Interview Session

QIC will help students go through practice interview sessions to run through challenging questions which the future interviewer might ask as a preparation to secure the job.

100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed

QIC training courses are not like the other learning institutions as they provide comprehensive curriculum when it comes to the training course and assist students in more than just learning industry ropes but also applying.