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The very first stages of job hunting are considered as one of the most challenging aspects before securing your dream job. If we were to categorize job hunting into several phases, the first would be the initial e-mail of the cover letter and resume which goes hand in hand with application form while the second stage would be the first round of interview. Think of it this way, your resume and cover letter plays a crucial role in creating an interest in the minds and hearts of potential employers to get to know the personality of the candidate behind the resume and cover letter, whether he or she is a perfect fit for the role advertised.

Many candidates are guilty of creating resumes which can go on for several pages. In candidate’s minds, they’re basically trying to include as much information as possible to convince potential employers to hire them. Unfortunately, you will need to think from the mind-set of a human resource manager or also the potential hiring officer. If you apply for a job at a multinational corporation which is a popular option for the industry or domain of your choice, then you can expect the hiring officer to receive over thousands of applications for the advertised job in a day. Reading a resume which comprises of more than three pages will take more time which most hiring officers do not have the luxury of. On that basis, keep your resumes short and simple at two pages’ maximum.

With our extensive experience and knowledge in International Recruitment and Resume Writing, our resume and cover letter writing skills are supported by in depth knowledge of employer requirements according to various industries, domains and disciplines. We will ensure your professional curriculum vitae, resumes and cover letters are personalized and made relevant in line with the post you are applying for. Furthermore, our experience in International Recruitment and Resume Writing helps us prepare professional curriculum vitae, resumes and cover letters which contain industry specific requirements guaranteed to make your resumes appeal to potential employers.

Trust that we will guarantee the best luck in obtaining your dream career by providing you the best in quality resumes and cover letters. On that note, we will also keep tight binds on your identity and hold a secure principle whereby your identity will not be revealed at any moment. Each and every one of our clients and customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed with the final product of our prepared professional curriculum vitae, resumes and cover letters as well as other professional services. Rest assured we work fast and professionally to guarantee our clients and customers mind blowing results!

We can create resumes for whichever job position you crave be it in finance, marketing, economic, business analyst, Quality Analyst, Software Engineers, Paralegals, Digital Marketing Strategist, Public Relations Consultants and so much more.

We use Five Steps to Creating a Successful Resume and Cover Letter:

Step 1: We Keep your resumes short and simple at two pages’ maximum.

Step 2: We List down your latest job history together with your relevant job accomplishments in a reverse chronological order

Step 3: We State clearly you most recent job and a brief description of the job responsibilities as well as highlighting your projects or accomplishment at that job.

Step 4: We Supply relevant skills and qualifications which are relevant to the post you are applying as well as listing your transferable skills and certified qualifications which are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Step 5: WeJustify yourself with references by listing down people you have worked with who can vouch for your work. It is even better if you can list a manager or superior.


$75 $99 $150
Basic Standard Recommended Premium
Resume created, designed, improved, key word optimized – complete overhaul Resume overhaul (same as Basic) AND a Cover Letter Resume overhaul, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Optimization
Custom Design Yes Yes Yes
Edit & Rewrite Yes Yes Yes
Review & Critique Yes Yes Yes
Editable File Yes Yes Yes
Cover Letter Yes Yes
Optimize LinkedIn Profile Yes
Revisions 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Delivery time 14 days 10 days 7 days

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