Online BA training Maryland opens wider career opportunities

Business analyst career in Maryland : A good opportunity to explore?

A career as a business analyst has become increasingly popular among college graduates who are looking for their first job and for working professionals who are looking to change careers. A business analyst is basically one of the main organs within a corporation playing a crucial role in analysing and identifying potential areas for development in an organization as well as the solution. Business analysts act like the middleman who explains the solutions necessary to the stakeholders within an organization as well as lead and direct the team within an organization to execute the solution.

Why should you explore a career as a business analyst?

  • Job Security
  • Career Development
  • Higher Salary

Business analysts are constantly in demand in every organization and every field. Over 120,000 business analysts are employed on their own without having to go through recruitment platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn. Business analysts are one of the few jobs which enjoy job security.

In terms of career development and career growth, business analysts are one of the careers which do not have to worry about a stagnant career growth or having no opportunity to progress within the industry. Business analysts can expand their job responsibilities to include sales and business development roles after two to three years of working experience in the business analyst industry. After three to five years of practicing in the business analyst industry, junior business analysts can move on to senior managerial roles which include product management and vendor management. After ten years of working experience in the business analyst industry, it is not impossible to be the Chief Technology Officer of an organization.

Business analysts also enjoy a higher salary in comparison to most professions. According to, business analysts can enjoy an average annual income of $65000. Why are business analysts earning such high salaries in comparison to other professions?

  • Business analysts who practice in major cities and capitals  such as Baltimore enjoy a better salary to accommodate for the higher cost of living
  • Business analysts who practice for bigger corporations such as Google are offered higher compensation as more is expected of them in keeping the corporation’s development in line with a certain standard.
  • Business analysts who specialise in information and technology domain are paid a better salary as the nature of their domain is fast paced and more competitive.
  • Business analysts are considered as an investment by the corporation based on the level of expertise which they can contribute to an organization.
  • Business analysts take on a lot of people management roles especially in managing stakeholders and an internal team. On that basis, business analysts are compensated in line with people management professions.

What are the requirements which you will need to be a business analyst?

  • College degree in any disciple
  • Passion to learn about the business analyst industry by joining Online BA training Maryland
  • Transferable Skills such as communication skills and negotiation skills
  • No technical background required

To pursuit a career as a business analyst, you do not necessarily require any experience or background in the information and technology industry. In fact a lot of college graduates and working professionals who do not possess any technical or programming experience have continued to become successful business analysts as what matters the most is having the passion to learn about the business analyst industry. One of the best ways to learn about the business analyst industry is by participating or enrolling in online business analysis courses Maryland.

Training Specialist provides best business analyst training Maryland program

Training Specialist leads the pack when it comes to finding the right business analyst training course to further kick start your career as a business analyst. Why Training Specialist? Training Specialist’s business analyst training courses are conducted by a team of practicing business analysts and industry experts. Business analysis courses Maryland are conducted at the convenience of students. Students can choose to enrol in the online business analyst courses or even the weekend classes which are usually limited to ten students per class. Training Specialist’s business analyst training courses are comprehensive and cover an extensive curriculum which was created to help college graduates and working professionals who have no business analyst industry experience to secure a position as a business analyst and to understand the industry comprehensively.

Training Specialist’s best BA training Marylandprogram course outline

  • Introduction to business analyst fundamentals
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Training and practical sessions
  • Job Support

Introduction to business analyst fundamentals

The Training Specialist business analyst online training Maryland program covers such an extensive curriculum with the main target of introducing working professionals and college graduates without any information and technology background to the business analyst industry. Training Specialist provides up to date certification and covers the basic fundamentals of the business analyst industry such as the requirements, information and technology industry and domains. Students are also exposed to the key functionalities of a business analyst’s role in supporting an organization as well as the hierarchical structure of a business analyst team within an organization. Working professionals and college graduates can also benefit from the chapter on successful characteristics of a business analyst. Training Specialist’s business analyst certification Maryland program also provides in depth knowledge regarding industry terms and state of art applications which are relevant to the present market.

Software Development Life Cycle
During the second week of the business analyst training course provided by Training Specialists, students will understand more regarding the Software Development Life Cycle in aspects covering the eight phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. The main focus of the eight phases will be on the JAD.

Training and Practical Session
After each and every training module in the business analyst training course, students will follow an active learning method to further enhance their understanding of the subject matter in the form of practical sessions. Training Specialist’s business analyst training and placement Maryland program covers practical sessions in the form of group discussions, case studies and real life projects.
Students will also undergo practice interview sessions to prepare themselves for the job industry. Training Specialist will guide students with the seven steps to a successful interview:

  • Research about the interviewer
  • Research about the potential organization
  • Read up on the latest business analyst industry
  • Practice challenging interview questions
  • Practice concise introduction about yourself
  • Be dressed appropriately for the interview session
  • Send a thank you note to the interviewer.

Business analyst online training Maryland program also provides students without any information and technology experience tips to prepare resumes as most cases where people are not hired is because they fail to include substantial information in their resumes.

Job Support
Training Specialist provides a hundred percent job placement and on job support for the students as the main objective of the business analyst training course is to provide students the chance to secure job opportunities. On that basis, students are provided with IT training placement in Maryland.

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