Online BA training Connecticutprepares you for a career as a business analyst

A business analyst plays a crucial role in an organization as they are often responsible in analysing and suggesting areas of potential improvement as well as the best solution for an organization. Each and every organization requires a business analyst be it finance, e-commerce, banking and others however corporations which specialise in the information technology industry require business analysts even more as with the technological development, organizations which specialise in information and technology require business analysts who can make quick judgment and analysis to keep them above competition.

Why should you become a business analysis?

  • Better career development opportunity

Within the first two years of working experience in the business analyst industry, you can expect to expand your role to include sales and business development. After three to five years in a working experience in the business analyst industry, you are capable of taking a more senior managerial role in product management or vendor management. After ten years of working experience in the business analyst industry you can even lead a consultancy firm.

  • Interesting Job scope and functionalities

A business analyst barely has a mundane day at work as they are constantly juggling various tasks at one go inclusive of business analysis, leading a team within an organization to execute the analysed plans and managing stakeholder’s expectations of the analysed solution.

  • Higher Source of Income

Business analysts are paid $65,000 on annual basis according to However it is known and understood that a business analyst’s source of income depends on several factors:

  • Location which the business analyst practices. Business analysts based in major cities earn bigger salaries to accommodate with the high cost of living
  • Industry of specialisation for the business analyst. Business analysts who specialise in information and technology industries are usually paid a higher income for instance Google pays $100,000 per year.
  • A business analyst’s job scope is to support the project manager which requires heavier workload.
  • Business analysts are required to be equipped with various skill sets for the job apart from industry knowledge.
  • Business analysts are required to manage stakeholders on top of being responsible for any analysis made in the name of the organization’s benefit.

How does Training Specialist prepare you for a career as a business analyst?

The best advice for college graduates with no prior working experience or working professionals who have no working experience in the information and technology field or programming field should at least be well acquainted with the business analyst industry before jumping into a related career especially with the high competition among business analysts despite for the high demand for business analysts in various industries. Reading guides and textbooks may help provide the knowledge, but the learning process is even better when the students have the space to discuss areas which they lack in understanding. And the best place would be at a training institute such as Training Specialist.

Training Specialist’s Online BA Training Connecticut provides the perfect option for a business analyst certification to help college graduates and working professionals understand the analyst industry better as well as help them secure a position as a business analyst. In the online business analyst training Colorado will teach students about important terms which will be used in the software development industry. Throughout the business analyst training course, students will comprehend the project requirement, domain and more about the information and technology industry. Students will also be walked through the responsibilities and the key functionalities of a business analyst within an organization.

Training Specialist offers two options for students who wish to take the business analysis courses Connecticut;

  • Onsite weekend classes

The classes are conducted in small groups of ten students to provide a better learning experience for students and the trainers.


What are the requirements to be a business analyst as provided by Training Specialist?

A business analyst does not necessarily require technical experience to pursuit a career in the industry however he or she needs a passion to learn as the Training Specialist’s best business analyst training Connecticut program will provide an in depth guide to the industry and a hands on training in multiple industry tools with the following modules:


  • Week 1: Business Analyst Fundamentals
  • Week 2 : Software Development Life Cycle
  • Week 3 – 6: Training Session
  • Resume Preparation
  • Mock Job Interview session
  • Individual Job Placement support and on job support

Business Analyst Fundamentals

The first week of the bestBA training Connecticut will provide students an important business analyst glossary and terms within the industry as well as understanding the requirements of the information and technology industry as well as domains. Students will be exposed to the hierarchical structure of the business analyst team within a business industry as well as the role of a business analyst in an organization. For business analyst industry novices, the topic on characteristics of a successful business analyst will provide a beneficial guide to success in the career.

Software Development Life Cycle

The business analyst certification Connecticut will cover the eight phases of the SDLC:

  • Requirements of gathering and analysis

This will include a Joint Application Development (JAD)

  • System analysis
  • System design
  • Coding or implementation
  • Integration and Testing
  • Deployment
  • Operations and maintenance

Training Session
After each training module course in the business analyst training and placement Connecticut, students will have to go through a practical session, case studies and group discussions to enhance their understanding and practice.

Resume Preparation
Business analyst online training Connecticut also provides students and working professionals without any information technology industry experience the guide to preparing their resumes. A frequent mistake done by college graduates and working professionals alike is the lack updating their resumes with relevant and latest achievements and experiences.

Mock Job Interview Session
Students will also be prepared to face potential interview sessions with practice mock job interviews conducted by Training Specialist’s team of expert trainers and business analyst experts.

One of the definite ways in succeeding in a job interview is by following the seven steps of success:

  • Research about the potential interviewer and employer.
  • Read up about the latest news in the business analyst industry
  • Practice and prepare for challenging trick questions in an interview.
  • Prepare a short and concise introduction about yourself to highlight your education and relevant working experiences.
  • Research about the potential employer’s competitors
  • Be dressed appropriately for the interview session in business professional attire
  • Do not forget to send a thank you note to the interviewer to thank him for his time and consideration.

Individual Job placement and On Job Support

Last but not least, Training Specialist also provides individual job placement and job support for the students as the objective of Training Specialist is not only to educate future business analysts but also to help them secure their dream careers. For students who wish to specialise in information technology industry as business analysts, Training Specialist provides them IT training placement in Connecticut.

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