QTP/UFT Automation Testing Training

Are you looking for the best training courses to get HPQTP/UFT certification? If yes, Quicken IT Career is your right place. We are known as one of the best training centers in this area. Automation Testing is known as a branch of Software Testing Quality Assurance projects. It plays a very important role in every business and can be understood as a developer, tester or designer. In fact, Quick Test Professional (QTP/UFT) is the functional test automation tool, and it takes various important tasks and roles in the business. For example, QTP is the best software for the success of automation projects and its delivery. It has seen as the commercial object based on the support of technologies like Java.Net, SAP, Siebel, and People Soft and so on.Quicken IT Career provides to the trainees the high-quality QTP/UFT online training and its certifications are conducted by HP. By joining our HP QTP/UFT automation training, the students will be taught and trained by experienced expert instructors in this industry. All of the classes focus strongly on the practices than the theories in order to help the students gain experiences and become a skilled employee. Besides, all of our training specialists believe 4 weeks are the best and suitable learning schedule for everybody to understand deeply and be trained fully before the students step into the real working environments. At QIC, the students opt to choose the suitable timetable for themselves – online and in-class study.After the course, the trainees are encouraged to join the mock interview in order to be trained and prepared for the job interview and resume by the training specialists. Especially, our friendly and professional staffs guarantee 100% support the students for their job placement and on-job support.

Who Should Attend QTP/UFT Career Training Program?

Our training programs and courses are specially designed by experienced experts in this field for people who:

  • Want to have QTP/UFT certifications.
  • Non-knowledge and experience required.
  • Have a basic knowledge and experience about Manual Testing.
  • Have a basic practical experience HP QTP/UFT and want to have advanced QTP/UFT certification.

Why Should I Have QTP/UFT Training?

As we know BA and QA play an important role in the development of each business, and QTP/UFT knowledge is the most necessary part for every BA and QA in order to control and run the projects effectively.

  • It allows the testers have the flexibility in order to support the numerous of automation frameworks, such as data-driven, keyword driven and others frameworks.
  • It is the perfect software for automation projects and their delivery.
  • It is integrated with the Test Management tools in order to make the testing process become easier.
  • It provides the numerous spaces or scope for modularity and reusability which play an important role in the success of automation projects.
  • It is used to support technologies like a website, Java, Oracle, Web Services.
  • It uses VB scripting as the programming language

Course Outlines

Course Outlines

Our training courses and the lessons are compiled based on the experts’ knowledge and experiences within 6 weeks for every student. This is the course outline of QTP/UFT training course.

Dates & Fees

Dates & Fees

At QIC, the students and the Students are given several options to choose the most suitable and affordable Quality Analyst training courses which are on the weekdays or weekend and online or in-class course.

Code Start Date Duration QA Timings Status Book
QA 0318 Mar 17-18 Sat-Sun (5 weeks) QA 1:30 Pm-4:30 PM Batch Full Reserve Now
QA 0319 Apr 21-22 Sat-Sun (5 weeks) QA 1:30 Pm-4:30 PM Batch Full Reserve Now
QA 0320 May 10-26 Sat-Sun (5 weeks) QA 1:30 Pm-4:30 PM Open Reserve Now
QA 0321 Jun 23-24 Sat-Sun (5 weeks) QA 1:30 Pm-4:30 PM Open Reserve Now
QA 0322 Jul 21-22 Sat-Sun (5 weeks) QA 1:30 Pm-4:30 PM Open Reserve Now
QA 0323 Aug 18-19 Sat-Sun (5 weeks) QA 1:30 Pm-4:30 PM Open Reserve Now
QA 0324 Sep 22-23 Sat-Sun (5 weeks) QA 1:30 Pm-4:30 PM Open Reserve Now
QA 0325 Oct 17-18 Sat-Sun (5 weeks) QA 1:30 Pm-4:30 PM Open Reserve Now
QA 0326 Nov 17-19 Sat-Sun (5 weeks) QA 1:30 Pm-4:30 PM Open Reserve Now
QA 0327 Dec 12-23 Sat-Sun (5 weeks) QA 1:30 Pm-4:30 PM Open Reserve Now
QA 0328 One to One Mon-Fri ( 5 weeks) 10:00 Am-7:00Pm Open Reserve Now

Class Schedule& Our Instructors
Class Schedules
In-class Study. The students will be taught at the center by the experienced training experts. This is a chance for you to learn, interact and discuss directly with the instructors.

Online Class. All of the courses are utilized the latest and advanced technologies in order to deliver the high-quality online training courses for every student. Similarwith the in-class study, the course is led by the experienced instructors.

Our Instructors
Our training experts are the people who have worked in this industry more than ten years. They are HP QTP/UFT professional experts and willing to impart their knowledge and experiences to the students. They believe one of the best ways to teach and train the students are that focus strongly and deeply on the practices base on real-time projects as well as case studies. Besides, they will be the people who take the responsibility in supporting the students passing the job interview by providing the mock interview, interview tips, and resume preparation.

What will I learn in QTP/UFT Automation Testing training?

  • Learn and understand the basic of QTP/UFT and Automation Testing.
  • Understand the Report Results and Automation Testing Life Cycle
  • Learn how to open an existing test script in HP QTP/UFT.
  • Learn and understand the different testing tools.
  • Learn how to enhance the VB Script.
  • Learn how to write the script and resolve the runtime error without the recording.
  • Learn how the VB built functions in QTP.
  • Learn how to evaluate the tool/ selection criteria of a tool and the version history of QTP/UFT.
  • Learn how to associate the repositories to the test and the advanced concepts of Object Repository.
  • Learn how to create a script with multiple test data.
  • Learn how to insert standard check point/text checkpoint/image checkpoint/text area checkpoint/ bitmap checkpoint in HP UFT.
  • Learn how to insert the standard output value in QTP/UFT.
  • Learn and understand the Parameterization, Data Driven Test, Batch Runner, Synchronization and Descriptive Programming – VB scripting.
  • Learn about the Data table (import excel sheet and database connection from QTP).
  • Understand what is Data-driven testing? And what is the keyword driven testing in HP UFT?
  • Understand the concept of Object Repository and how UFT identifies the object.
  • Understand the different between QTP and UFT.

Major FAQ

Frequently Asked Question

Why Should I Choose Quicken IT Career For My IT Career?
QIC has been providing Quality analyst and quality analyst training courses since the last 3 years with a result of over 500 students. Based in the USA, QIC offers extensive theory and practical industry knowledge for participants using the best way to comprehend teaching methods as well as the latest industry tools. Providing affordable ranged training courses with flexible class options, QIC offers participants the option to join either onsite weekend classes or the online training courses. The weekend classes are limited to ten students per class to allow a comprehensive learning experience. Both classes are conducted by a team of Quality analyst industry experts with more than 10 years of experience to provide relevant insight into the industry.
Furthermore, QIC takes one step above other learning institutions as QIC prepares candidates not only in terms of industry knowledge but also in terms of securing the ideal job. With QIC’s help, candidates will be exposed to the right mediums of job placement and be provided sufficient training in preparing their resumes and responding well to job interview questions.

  • Training courses are taught by industry experts
  • Enhanced learning ability with high-quality training materials
  • Industry relevant projects, class workshops and case studies
  • State of the art Technology & Industry equipment
  • Affordable range Training Fees
  • Flexible training Sessions
  • Intimate classes with maximum 10 students per class
  • Job hunt 101 preparation with resume assistance
  • Job Placement and On-Job Support
  • Practice interview session
  • 100 % satisfaction guaranteed

What Is The Length Of The Training Session For QA And BA?
Our training course covers 6 weeks. Each class is conducted for 4 hours. Other training institutions cover 4 weeks of training course however at QIC our training courses last longer as we understand that four weeks is insufficient to cover all aspects required by candidates to understand.

Do You Provide Online Or Classroom Training For QA And BA?
Yes, at QIC we provide both in class and online training for BA and QA. However, we use the latest technology about our online training especially with WebEx, which is considered one of the best.

What Is Different Between Online And In-Class Classes?
There is no difference. At QIC our online and in-class courses apply the same teaching methods and the latest state of the art industry materials combined with case studies, group discussions, class lectures and real-life projects.

I Am Getting Bored Working As A Programmer. Is It A Smart Choice For Me To Switch To The Role Of A Quality Analyst?
Of course. Over 75% of employees without any IT, background have pursued a career as a Quality analyst and found it more satisfying as the three factors of job security, career growth and salary increment were fulfilled. Quality analysts are one of the rarecareers, which enjoy a higher sense of job security following the constant demand and need for Quality analysts in the industry. Over 120,000 Quality analysts are employed on a monthly basis. Quality analysts also enjoy a definite and fast track for career progression which can be seen within a span of two years whereby junior Quality analysts are entrusted with new job scopes such as sales and Quality development to senior management of product and vendor. Finally, yet importantly, a Quality analyst can earn over $65000 on an annual basis

How Do I Start A Career A Quality Analyst With No Experience?
Quicken IT Career’s main objective is to assist college graduates and working professionals without any IT background to secure a career as a Quality analyst. QIC’s Quality analyst training courses are conducted by industry experts who will provide a thorough guide into the industry covering the very fundamentals of the Quality analyst industry as well as the technical Software Development Life Cycle aspect. At QIC, we will guide you from understanding the industry to taking the next step in building your career as a Quality analyst. At QIC, we provide full job support in terms of teaching candidates how to prepare their resumes, how to answer interview questions in mock interviews as well as job placement.

What Are Specific Technical Skills Of A Quality Analyst
There NO technical skills required of a Quality analyst as they can learn everything from QIC. Basic understanding of how to use the computer will suffice.

What Are The Skills And Qualities Required To Be A Good Quality Analyst?
An excellent Quality analyst needs to have exemplary communication skills as a Quality analyst’s role includes a lot of communicating with stakeholders and a team within an organization. Quality analysts need to have critical mindsets to enable them to analyze requirements and provide the right solution for organizations. Quality analysts need to have a positive outlook and motivate not only themselves in the job but also their team within an organization.

I Do Not Have Any Prior Experience In IT. Can I Take This Course?
You do not need to worry about having an IT degree. This course is designed for college graduates with various types of majors, managers and working professionals without any information and technology background or working experience at all as QIC’s training courses will introduce the technical aspect of being a Quality analyst complimented by theory and practical sessions to ensure you understand the concepts thoroughly. QIC’s training course will introduce candidates to the very basic concepts and methodologies of the Software Development Life Cycle as well as technical jargon and terminologies within the first two weeks of the training course. Candidates will be able to define and describe articulately the commonly used Software Development Life Cycle phases such as the Agile Model and the Waterfall Model.

What Are The Prerequisites Or Eligibility Criteria To Become A Quality Analyst
There is no eligibility the prerequisite criteria to become a Quality or quality analyst is:

  • Communication Skills
  • Documentation Skills
  • Ability to understand the Quality workflow
  • Strong Interpersonal Relations
  • A strong desire to learn Quality analysis
  • Some Quality strategy knowledge helpful
  • No technical background required
  • Interest in the field of Quality Analysis

Will I Have To Buy Course Books? Or Will You Provide Training Materials?
At QIC, you will not need to purchase any training materials or books as we will provide the required notes and reading material for your convenience. Our team of instructors will provide an in-depth explanation of the training module and document the training module in the form of reading materials, notes and a recording of the course which will be provided online.

Can I Find A Job Within 20-50 Miles’ Radios?
This truly depends on how you apply for this training course. At QIC, we will do our best in preparing you to apply for the job of your dreams as well as all the required job placement support upon the completion of the training course. QIC trains candidates on the very fundamental steps to job hunting including resume preparation and practice interview session. QIC also provides a hundred percent of job placement support and on job support for each and every one of our candidates.

Can I Get A Certificate From The Complication Of Training?
Of course, Quicken IT Career can provide you a certification upon completion of the training course. However, to become a QA, QIC can help analyze and discuss the learning institutions which provide the QA certificate at a lower cost. During our training course, QIC will discuss thoroughly the career paths upon enrolling in the course. During this discussion, our expert trainers will provide recommendations for learning institutions which can provide QA certificates at a lower cost suitable to our candidates.

I Have A DegreeFrom My County (E.G. India Or South Africa) I Can Enroll In The BA Or QA Course
Definitely, there is no restriction to enroll in QIC’s training course. There are about 70% of graduates from other countries apart from America who is currently working in the software developing industry. With QIC, you can be one of them, as QIC will help you secure a job as a BA or QA.

Do You Guarantee A Job After Finished My Training With Quicken IT Career?
Just like any other training institution, we cannot guarantee the job. But unlike other learning institutions, QIC will help you find the job opportunity as we provide job placement support, tips on how to prepare your resume and address interview questions.After our training module, our team of expert instructors will talk through each and every candidate especially those who have no prior information and technology experience on how to prepare the perfect resume pitch as many times candidates are overlooked for an employment opportunity since they fail to include substantial information in their resumes. At QIC we will also provide practice interview sessions to further prepare our candidates in terms of succeeding in job interviews. Last but not least QIC will also provide job placement support for our candidates in terms of analyzing and recommendation for our candidates who wish to pursue Quality analyst careers depending on the domains they wish to specialize in.

Do I Need To Learn Any Coding Or Programming To Become BA?
You do not need any prior coding or programming knowledge. Provided you know the basic concept of using the computer, you can pursue a career as a BA or Qa.

Do you sponsor an H1B visa?
Quicken IT Career is a consulting, training and staffing company so we do not sponsor for an H1B visa but we collaborate with many H1b filing companies which we would be more than happy to provide a recommendation for during our training course discussions.

How Long Will It Take To Find A Job After Completing The Training?
Normally around 60-90 days but it depends on your learning abilities. The faster you grasp the concept and methodology of the Quality analyst industry and how well you apply the concept to the assignments and practical session, this will all contribute to helping you secure a career as a Quality analyst.

Can You Help Me To Find A Job Or Job Placement?
Yes, at QIC we provide 100% assistance in job support and job placement till you secure a job. We help guide you prepare exemplary resumes and we walk you through the mock interview session to test you with lots of sample questionnaires. At QIC, we will guide you every step of the way to help your chances of securing the ideal job.

How Much Salary Does A Quality Analyst Earn?
Normally, the basic salary for Quality Analyst or Quality analyst range from $60 k to $70k but there are organizations that pay per hour for instance around $50-$60 depending on the location and type of organization. For entry-level Quality analysts and quality analysts, they usually earn $40-$50 an hour

What Are The Benefits Of Taking An Online Course Compared To Joining A Classroom Session?
QIC’s online Quality analyst and quality analyst training course provide candidates full interactive sessions with two-way learning. Candidates are able to ask questions to the instructors and work together with fellow students in a virtual learning space.
QIC’s online training courses are independent of the location where candidates can complete the course from any part of the world without having to travel. Candidates can join the online Quality analyst course from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and many countries.



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