HP Automation Testing 

ALM (QC) Load Runner-UTF (QTP)

Jira, Bugzilla

In the software development and testing field, understanding the automation of the latest industry technologies and assets will help your career progress as well as provide a salary increment. If you can master two of the industry’s leading tools in automation (QTP and UFT) in terms of understanding how to create an automated framework efficiently and accurately, you will have exactly what it takes to be ahead of the pack in securing the highest paying job available in the industry. Training Specialist will help you understand the concept with this fast track course comprising of 7 videos.


Delivery Method

Students will receive a course outline of the training program before the commencement of classes via e-mail. In addition to the course outline, student’s training will be assisted by equipment such as whiteboard, Powerpoint presentation of the training modules, training materials and additional reading materials. During this training course, students will also be prepared for real case situations with practical sessions in the form of case studies, real time projects and group workshops. At the end of this business analyst-training course, students not only receive a business analyst certification but they are also assisted in securing the job opportunity as a business analyst.


Class Schedule& Cost:  Online Class and On Class Training

Students are provided the option to complete the business analyst training classes on either weekend or weekdays. Students can opt to join the weekday business analyst training courses from Tuesday to Friday at 9.30am to 11.30am or 7.00pm to 9.00pm. Another option for students is to join the weekend classes on Saturday at 9.30am to 1.30pm and Sunday at 9.30am-1.30pm. The period of the business analyst-training course goes for a duration of six weeks and a total of 50 hours at an affordable cost of $599.


Course Benefits

By joining the business analyst-training course, students are guided on how to prepare themselves for a potential job interview opportunity. Students are provided an extensive step by step guide to preparing a pitch perfect resume with reference to top 10 sample resumes in the industry as well as how to submit your resume successfully. Following this, students are further guided in a discussion on interview questions whereby instructors will highlight and discuss the top 25 favorite questions from interviewers. From then students will undergo a mock interview session to practice the five domains and how to succeed in an interview. Finally yet importantly, students will be assisted by instructors in terms of job placement support in a discussion and recommendation for the best job support in their career option.