Get Set for a Glamorous Business Analyst career with Online BA training Florida

Are you ready for a glamorous career in the business analysis industry?
If you are a college graduate who is looking for your dream job to kick start your life as a responsible adult or a working professional who is looking for the ideal career to switch to, then a career in the business analysis industry might be on the cards.

Why would you consider a career as a business analyst?
A business analyst is known as the person responsible for identifying potential solutions to improve an organization. Business analysts are considered investments for various organizations regardless of field in specialisation as a business analyst plays a crucial role in determining the future of an organization.  There are various reasons why more and more people choose to pursuit a career as a business analyst in Florida:

  • Interesting job description and job responsibilities
  • Sense of job security and career growth
  • Lucrative compensation

A business analyst is one of those rare occupations which will never be caught in a dead end when it comes to exciting opportunities. In a nutshell, a business analyst is a combination of a business analysis expert, communications specialist and team manager. An expert in a particular field be it information and technology or finance, a business analyst is able to analyse the impact of certain decisions on an organization. At the same point, a business analyst acts as a communications specialist as they are often the liaison and middleman between stakeholders and the team. Last but not least a business analyst is responsible for leading a team within an organization to execute plans for the organization’s development.

As business analysts play a crucial role in an organization, there is a constant demand for business analysts. Over 160,000 business analysts were hired on a monthly basis. From that number, 120,000 business analysts were hired without having to go through secondary platforms such as LinkedIn.  Industries such as information and technology organizations require the expertise of business analysts even more to survive the high competitive nature of the industry.

The career growth for a business analyst is also very prominent. After two to three years of practicing in the business analyst industry, a business analyst’s job responsibilities expand to include sale and business development opportunities. After three to five years of working experience in the business analyst industry, a business analyst can take on senior managerial roles in product or vendor management. If you continue to persist for ten years in the business analyst industry, then it is not completely impossible for you to lead your own consultancy firm or be the Chief Technology Officer at an organization.

Corporations also choose to invest more in business analysts following the value they bring to an organization. According to, business analysts in general earn close to $65,000 on an annual basis nationwide. In Miami, Florida, business analysts can earn $61,000 annually while in Orlando business analysts can earn close to $65,000 annually.

Why business analysts are paid a lucrative compensation?

  • Location of business. Business analysts who practice their trade in capitals such as Orlando earn more to compensate for the high cost of living
  • Field of specialisation. Business analysts who specialise in information and technology domain earn close to $80,000 in information and technology organizations compared to business analysts who work at American Express who earn $50,000 annually.
  • Scope of responsibilities. Business analysts are generally higher salary to compensate for the wide scope in responsibilities which covers not only business analysis but also stakeholder management and team management.
  • Level of expertise. With more years of experience in the industry as well as educational qualifications, business analysts are rewarded better compensation as a form of the organization’s investment.
  • People management. Business analyst’s job scope includes a lot of people management related tasks and most people management related tasks are compensated well as it is not an easy job.

How do you get started on being a business analyst in Florida?

  • College degree in any disciple (finance, information and technology, business administration)
  • No technical experience required
  • Must possess transferable skills (negotiation skills, ability to multitask and communication skills)
  • Passion to learn the business analyst industry

To be frank, in order to pursuit a career as a business analyst one does not need prior information and technology experience. What matters and helps the most is having the passion to learn about the business analyst industry. On that basis, it would be beneficial for you to enrol in a business analyst course such as online BA training Florida.

Where is the best place to take up online business analyst courses Florida?

Training Specialist is well known as one of the best options for business analysis courses Florida programs. At an affordable rate, Training Specialist provides classes which are conducted by practicing business analysts and industry experts with the option of onsite weekend classes and also online courses for students. The onsite weekend classes are usually limited to ten students per class to provide an enhanced learning experience as the main objective of the business analyst course is to provide college graduates and working professional who have prior information and technology experience an introduction into the business analyst industry.

Best business analysis training Florida program module

  • Introduction to business analysis fundamentals
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Training
  • Resume Preparation
  • On Job Support and Job Placement Support

Introduction to business analysis fundamentals

Best BA Training Florida provides students an introduction and beginner’s guide to the basic fundamentals of the business analyst industry. Students will study the requirements, information and technology industry and domains as well as industry terminologies within the first week of training. During the first week of the business analyst online training Florida program, students are exposed to the functionalities and roles of a business analyst within an organization, the hierarchical structure of a business analyst team in an organization and characteristics of a successful business analyst.

Software Development Life Cycle
Business analyst certification Florida program ensures that students understand the software development life cycle topic as it is one of the most crucial subjects in the business analyst realm. Students will be exposed to the eight phases of the software development life cycle with excessive emphasis on the JAD.

At the end of eachbusiness analyst training course module, students will go through training and practical sessions in the form of case studies and group discussions. The business analyst training and placement Florida program also includes a practice interview session as part of the training to provide students the assistance in preparing for job interviews. During this practice interview session, students will be exposed to the seven steps of a successful interview:

  • Research about the potential employer before the interview session
  • Understand the business analyst industry theory and terminologies
  • Read up on the latest news in the business analyst industry
  • Practice challenging interview questions
  • Research about potential employer’s competitors
  • Practice answering how you can contribute to the corporation
  • Send a thank you note after the interview session

Resume Preparation

The business analyst online training Florida program also emphasises on resume preparation. The business analyst course provides proper training for students who have no prior information and technology experience.

On job support and Job Placement Support
Last but not least, Training Specialist’s business analyst training courses provide not only theoretical courses but also industry guide for students who wish to pursuit a business analyst career by providing IT training placement in Florida, especially for students who wish to specialise in information and technology domains.

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