Gear up post graduate career options with abusiness analyst certification

As a fresh graduate making the transition into the realm of adulthood, it is not easy selecting the right job to push your potential. In fact, it may seem daunting at times as you find yourself conflicted between opting for the career which is in line with your degree qualifications or choosing a random path which will put your skills to the test and eventually make a successful person.
When we talk about careers which are in line with degree qualifications, it mostly refers to careers which people identify closely with a particular degree program. For instance law graduates should end up as lawyers, engineering degree holders should end up as engineers as so on so forth. To be honest statistics have indeed proven that only 27% of American college degree holders work in a field related to their degrees.

Hence the question, what happened to the other 73%? Fair enough, they probably pursued a career they believe would challenge their abilities and bring them a higher success rate.

If you find yourself leaning towards that 73% who crave for a challenge and an exciting ever changing realm of possibilities as well as a consistent career growth and development rate, then maybe this could be the right path for you.
As a business analyst, you will never face a typical Monday to Friday as a business analyst has an ever changing role with their multiple key functions. What is a business analyst you may ask? A business analyst is basically the most important organ of an organization. He or she identifies areas for a business to improve and analyses strategically the impact or solutions which can lead to this improvement. Without a business analyst, many corporations suffer from carrying out strategy plans which are not carefully analysed and criticised.
On that note as well, seeing how important a business analyst’s role is within a corporation, there has been an increase in demand for business analysts in various platforms and industries from information technology to finance and banking. However a business analyst’s role may vary depending on the domain or industry he or she specialises in. For instance a business analyst who specialises in the finance domain is responsible for calling the shots which could lead to corporation profiting more than loss. The business analyst in a finance domain studies financial reports and the spending habits of organizations.
A career as a business analyst can be quite tempting following the luxurious salary offer in comparison to other occupations. In fact in America alone, a business analyst earns more than an engineer on an annual basis. Business analysts can earn up to $80,000 while engineers earn $60,000. Of course there are many underlying factors which determine a business analyst’s salary such as the location him or her practices his or her trade. For instance in New York, business analysts are bringing home $80,000 in comparison to business analysts in Alaska who only earn $60,000. Business analysts who specialise in fields such as information technology earn a higher salary compared to business analysts who specialise in finance.

Following the fact that anyone with a college degree can pursuit a career as a business analyst with the help of a business analyst certification, you may want to consider your own personal qualities and characteristics which would be a perfect fit for this career.  Are you able to multitask under pressure? Can you negotiate and present ideas articulately and convincingly? Are you an analytical thinker? If you answered yes to most of the above questions, then you are already on the right track.
You may not need a technical background to get started but it is important to be driven by the passion to learn as there will be a lot of business analyst industry learning required for you to be successful as a business analyst.
Which agile business analyst training course should you participate in to help your career as a business analyst?
There are various training centres which provide detailed business analysis courses to help set your business analyst career on a fast track. With the multiple options offered, it is difficult to find the right one which will suit your career needs.
One outstanding option in business analyst training courses would be Training Specialists. Online business analyst training often comes at a hefty price and this can be a common deterrence for college graduates to pursuit a proper business analyst training class. However Training Specialist offers professional training courses at an affordable range. This allows everyone from college graduates, Information technology developers and working professionals with no prior working experience in the programming or information technology field a chance at improving the required skill set and knowledge to be a business analyst.
The highlight of Training Specialist’s online business analyst course is the flexibility in time of the training courses. College graduates who wish to pursuit the business analyst training course have the option to choose the right class timing which suits their busy daily schedules. Training Specialist offers both online training courses which can be completed from the comforts of home as well as onsite training courses which are usually held on weekends. In this situation, college graduates can choose to intern in the business analyst industry while following the training course on weekends to further sharpen their analyst skills.
Which is another factor which makes Training Specialist’s online courses business analyst training being an excellent option, as the training courses are conducted by a team of practicing business analysts as well as industry experts.  This serves as an insider guide to the real business analyst working industry.

How does Training Specialist’s agile certification for business analysts help enhance the required business analyst skills?
Training Specialist offers a beginner’s guide and introduction to the business analyst industry for college graduates and working professionals with no information technology or programming experience by explaining industry phrases and terms within the first week of training.  Upon completion of the business analyst training course, students are able to explain articulately the various types of models such as the Agile Model and Waterfall model.

College graduates and working professionals are also educated on the key functionalities and responsibilities of a business analyst within a team in an organization, specifically as to how the business analyst supports an organization.

Training Specialist’s business analyst training certification also provides job support for students in the form of practical sessions and resume preparation. Students are guided on how to prepare high quality resumes which will appeal to potential employers as well as go through a practice interview session with a seven step guide in tackling interview questions.

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