Enroll and Learn Best Practices in Software Testing to Pursue as a Software Tester

If you are a fresh graduate or have just passed out of the college recently or have few years of working experience, then you can start your career as a Quality Analyst (QA). But you need a certification from one of the best QA certifications.
According to the recent hiring trend, there is around more than 60,000 quality analysts job openings are across the nation according to indeed.com. Out of them, almost 40,000 full-time jobs are there. These stats are only from indeed, there are several job openings and recruitment process is going on in more than 60 states of the US in this job profile of quality analyst.
There are more than 60K jobs are available at the market. How do you become a Quality Analyst (QA) tester? There are many training institutions are offering the QA training but how do you find the best QA training center.

Software Testers or Quality Analysts are considered as one of the most attractive jobs in comparison to programmers, coders, DBA (Data Base Administrative) and any consultant. Following software tester’s popularity, what exactly does a software tester do?
If you hired as a Quality Analyst (QA) tester what is your main responsibility or what’s the company expect from you? As a Software tester or quality analyst you are responsible for identifying errors, bugs and any other technical issue in the recently manufactured software program. They are responsible for assuring quality and ability to produce desired output that is why they are also called quality assurance testers.
Quality analysts are high in demand because of their important role in the IT organization.  They work as a filter in the company, no any software is ready to launch in the market without passing this filter’s fixed standards.

Why do IT hubs need more quality analyst?
Without testing any application no product can be brought in the market. Each and every company required application or software with a good quality and free of errors. It is very important that all software was tested and passed. As a quality Analyst it’s your responsibility to test all functionalities of the software. Without enough knowledge and skill it is not possible to perform those tasks. So you should choose an institute to get the best QA training and placement.
What Kind of Test Quality Analyst does? Perform testing during the development of the software at different stages. Furthermore, quality analyst is working as a passing bridge for the software from company to market.  They maintain communication with programmers and tell them about their faults in the particular software or application program.
In this era of Information Technology, there is a huge requirement of quality analysts and they are playing a key role in the success and profit of the company. IT companies require quality analysts more so, to make software error free and ready to deliver in the market for sale.
On that note, why would choose a career as a quality analyst?  Here are the following reasons why you should choose best quality analyst certification and start career as a Quality Analyst –

  • One of the most Highly paid job in the county
  • Does not need years of experiences
  • High demand job -Every company required Testers
  • QA Job cannot be outsourced
  • Less stressful Job
  • Trend of QA making is increasing everyday
  • You can promote yourself to the next level

There are several reasons and one of the most popular reasons is the career growth and time to time increment in salaries.  With only two-three years experience in the industry, anyone can be promoted to more responsible job roles and it may be possible to even lead a team of testers as a team leader. Furthermore, a quality analyst is one of the most highly paid jobs in the country. According to indeed.com, the national average salary for a quality analyst is $78,132 per annum, in the USA, which is enough to prove the scope of this job.
There are endless questions like why do quality analysts get such high salaries. The quality analyst’s salary is related to the different software and every day much new software programs come in the market.  Some more reasons are –

  • Quality Analyst (QA) tester involved in various testing phases make sure software is working properly
  • Quality analysts perform testing and give solutions for the issues related to the developed software.
  • They are also responsible to guide programmers and coders about the arising issue in the software.
  • Solutions and directions given by quality analyst is play an important role in the company’s growth and success that is why company is obliged to pay a high salary to the quality analyst.
  • A quality analyst is recruited to direct and lead programmers and coders to eradicate undesired errors and issues from the newly developed software.
  • A quality analyst’s future can be as a higher post like team leader of the testing team, managerial position related to testing or Chief testing officer.

If you feel that quality analyst, as a career, is the best option for you, then the best way to enter in this field is take admission in the best QA training. Some essential requirements one need to be a quality analyst, are –

  • First of all passion to learn and study about the quality assurance techniques.
  • Basic knowledge about computers.
  • No need of any technical qualification.
  • Should be able to handle pressure and can work under deadlines.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Able to manage multitasks.
  • Willing to work in the IT industry.

After getting certified one can get the opportunity to work with a multinational company because these companies recruit people from some reputed institutes, like this one. After the successful completion of the course institute will conduct the interview with these companies and place students there.

Should know about the best  QA certification and placement course –
There are many institutes and agencies which provide Quality Analyst courses and certification but which is the best one? The right option will be that one where you find training specialist are involved in the training and teaching and that course will be the best software testing certification course.
The price of the course also matters for the fresher student that is why best QA certifications come with affordable prices. Here the best thing about the best software testing course is flexible class schedules; students can attend class according to their preferred timings. Here separate weekend batches also for working professional that need to brush up their skills.
Online availability makes this training easier for those who want to learn from their home. Housewives and remote area people can get the best QA training online. These online courses are provided by expert training specialists.

The course curriculum is designed by experts of the field based on step by step learning process from the basics to advanced topics. Training starts with a session in which general things are discussed before start the training like some general ideas about this training and scope, introduction to course outline, discuss some frequent question related to QA testers’ job.  After that in the Training session -1 characteristics and responsibilities of QA are discussed. Further SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) comes and Testing Strategy, Testing Techniques, Testing types and so on.
In addition to theoretical and practical knowledge in best software testing course, one will get some other things like Effective resume making, how to face an interview, how to enhance the personality, which helps the candidate till his/her retirement.
The best quality assurance certification course comes with the best QA tools to train the students. These tools are highly recommended during the training to get the training effectively. Trainers train students about testing techniques with the help of these best QA tools. Tools are mandatory to grasp the practical concepts of the testing.
The best trainers also conduct mock interviews at the end of this QA training for some practice of the students. With these mock interviews, students learn some basic things like how to give a self-introduction, how to impress the interviewer at the time of the interview, how to express your strong points and hide weak ones or how to turn weak things into strong one.
The best software testing course also provides a good placement after successful completion of the training by inviting companies in the institute for campus placements.

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