Best Quality Assurance Training Courses to Become A Qualified Tester

Do you want to make your professional life better? Are you not satisfied with your present career growth? Are you thinking about to switch your current job? Do you want to start a great job which can give you a huge income? If yes, you should start your career as a quality analyst. Another term used for the quality analyst is software tester. Software testers are highly professional people who are responsible for the success of the particular software. Choose any one course from quality assurance courses.
Career switching is not a simple task; so many things should e considered when you are going to switch a job. You have to choose a good quality assurance training institute. Make sure that your selected institute is good enough to give a standard training, before taking admission. There is no need of any IT degree if you take admission in a good institute to do training for quality assurance.
Are you an IT degree holder? If you are, then you can start your career as a quality analyst after taking software testing training from here. Here training is provided by experts and trained faculty, so you can be assured about the quality training. After get trained with us, finding a good job is not a big deal. Here we offer short term training for working professional also to brush-up their skills and give some extra dimension to their profile. You can take admission in our weekend quality assurance classes too, if you don’t have enough time to take daily classes.

Ready to bring yourself to the next level
Software testing is a process in which capabilities and attributes are tested by professionals. They ensure the relevance of the particular application or software. There is a great importance of the quality analyst job in the software industry because software tester or we can say quality analyst is responsible to identify errors in the app or program before its launch in the market.
The job of the quality analyst starts from the beginning of the software development, in the very first phase of development of that application or program and it continues till the software is not ready to market release. Because of this huge scope of this job, tester should be trained with a high quality software testing training.
After getting certified from here, you will be able to do testing in any level of software development. Quality assurance professionals use different parameters for testing and evaluating the software. We will teach you in our quality assurance training courses, that how to use these parameters during the testing. You will find that your technical skills are eventually upgraded after this course.
You don’t need to worry if you don’t have any IT degree; here you can get training of quality analyst from the beginning, from the basic level. It is the best advantage of this training. You can improve your profile with this quality assurance training. After completion of this course you can get a good job in the good company.
Job responsibilities and role of a quality analyst
Responsibility of quality analyst is to apply the principals of software quality assurance in the whole development period of the particular software. Actually quality assurance is referred as a part of the larger process of reducing errors. In this process those errors are fixed by the quality analyst.
In the quality assurance classes, you will learn about the various job responsibilities and role of the quality analyst during the SDLC(Software development Life-Cycle). Here are some major job responsibilities of the quality analyst –

  1. Quality Analyst is responsible to follow a test plan and for reporting very clear and detailed error or bug reports.
  2. He will work with his testing team and senior testers as well to ensure the quality of the software.
  3. A bug reporting or error reporting is maintained during the whole testing process by the quality analyst.
  4. The quality analyst is responsible to analyze and identify the user requirements.
  5. Different documentation procedures should be understood by him/her.
  6. He/she develop, implement and publish test plans.
  7. Quality analyst is responsible to maintain test cases.
  8. Test data should be maintained.
  9. He/she is obliged to re-verify all defects.
  10. Responsible for developing planning documentation and high-level test design.

You will get the best environment and the best course curriculum with us –
The software development industry is a huge industry in accordance of getting high salary jobs. The job quality analyst is one the best IT sector jobs. Quality analyst is always in demand because of the importance of testing during the complete SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).
Here we give best training for quality assurance with our to the point course, which is prepared highly qualified professionals. Here you will get the chance to work on live projects during your training. You can get this training in our quality assurance classes in a genuine fee. This course duration is almost eight weeks or eighty hours. There are two options to take classes, first you can get enrolled in the weekday classes from Monday to Friday and weekend classes on Saturday and Sunday. If you are a working person and don’t have time to take regular classes, you can go with our weekend batches.

Quality assurance training course is the best course for any person who is looking to enhance his knowledge and sharpen his/her soft skills. Beauty of this course is that you don’t need to have any specific qualification for this course. We offer everything in the course which is essential to make your profile unique as a quality analyst or software tester. We also provide quality assurance online courses for those who are not able to join the classroom programs.
You will find the most relevant course outline in our software testing training. Here we start with the introduction of the general testing concepts. After that we move ahead with different testing strategies, here you will learn about the test plan, test scenario, test case, test scripts etc. You can learn different testing techniques also like Black box testing, white box testing. In this course some programming concepts are also included. You can improve your programming concepts with this programming language module. After successful completion of this course, we provide placement also in different recognized companies.
Salient features of the quality assurance course –
To become a successful quality analyst, you have to go through a well constructed syllabus. Here we teach you according to our well categorized syllabus. The syllabus is divided into the modules so that it is easy to understand and grasp the concepts during the whole software testing training. Here are some marvelous features of this syllabus and course-

  1. Experienced Faculty – We believe in the quality service that is why our faculty members are highly qualified in their field.
  2. Provide recordings of lectures – All lectures are recorded and given to the students to their self study.
  3. Interactive classes – Students are free to ask any query during the classes.
  4. Try to make batches with small number of students so that every student can get personal attention.
  5. Conduct separate sessions for the practice.
  6. Most of the tools are provided at free of cost, without any additional charges for the students.
  7. Students can access the server whenever they want.
  8. Give training to the students for the resume preparation and mock interviews are conducted.
  9. Arrange some extra classes for personality development and confidence building.
  10. There may be some free training seminars during the course, for the employees to upgrade their skills.
  11. Here we give insurance for the students.
  12. Most attractive thing is affordable fee.

Our online accessibility – Get enrolled in our online courses –
Sometimes people want to do a specific course but they can’t, because of the lack of time. So we have started quality assurance courses online after observing the same thing with our talented students who want to do the quality assurance courses but they don’t have enough time to join the classroom program due to their routine job.
If you are working in an IT sector and want to improve your skills, then you should take admission in our quality assurance online courses. Our online courses are the best alternatives of the classroom programs. You don’t need to attend daily classes, just take our online lectures according to your best suited time.
At present competition is very high in every sector especially in the IT industry. From the beginning of the development phase of particular software there is a lot of requirement of this job profile. You need to improve your knowledge and skills time to time. Our classroom programs are good choice for full time students but if you want to start the career as quality analyst or improve your profile with some training, then you have to go with our online quality assurance training.

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