How to Build aBusiness Analyst Resume That Gets Noticed

With a potential career as a business analyst high in your favours, you need to start preparing to take the next step in actually visualizing these dreams. One of the first steps you will need to take in preparing for your next job hunt is by creating or editing your business analyst resume.

You are probably wondering what type of information should you include or keep out of your resume to ensure the resume appeals to the hiring manager. To be frank, this is a popular question among the many applicants vying for the role of a business analyst. Everyone who is applying for the position of a business analyst will practically highlight their best achievements in line and accordance with the position of a business analyst’s role and responsibilities. However to help your resume stand out in the crowd of applicants, here are a list of guidelines and tips.

Understand the fact that a hiring manager can only spend around less than 30 seconds to select the best resume out of a pile of resumes to proceed to the next stage of the application process. The first process is where the hiring manager selects resumes which suit the role of a business analyst for the preliminary round whereby there will be subsequent interviews to follow.

In order for your business analyst resume to appeal to a hiring manager, you will need to reconsider how you approach your resume in terms of writing and editing the resume. Here are some fantastic tips you can keep in mind.

  1. Create an original resume, without relying on templates

You should know yourself and your set of skills and working experiences better than any other resume builder or template. On that occasion, you should create your very own, personalized resume without copying anyone else’s even for reference. The problem about using a business analyst resume as a template for your next job application is the tendency to copy and paste word per word of the summary and objectives. You should remember that a hiring manager reads thousands to probably millions of business analyst resumes and will realize a resume which contains a clichéd summary and objective which will automatically lead them to reject your resume.

The best advice for anyone who is creating their own business analyst resume is to just create your own. It may take a longer time and perseverance to create, but trust me, along the way of preparing your resume you will learn to highlight your best achievements and know the best way to portray your expertise. Furthermore, creating your own resume will increase your own self-worth and confidence as you know the real value of truth behind each and every achievement listed in your resume to become a business analyst.

  1. Include a career objective or a career synopsis

Majority business analyst job applicants are guilty of committing the rookie mistake of not helping the hiring manager see the relevant points of your working experience.

The main reason why you should include a career synopsis or a career objective is to help highlight what values you can contribute to the organization as a business analyst. The career synopsis or career objective provides an overall insight into your working experience, your skills, expertise and experience. When creating the career objective or career synopsis, make sure your content summary can be read within ten to fifteen seconds and the word count should not exceed 80 words.

Word of advice is to make this section as relevant as possible to the roles of a business analyst by enlisting skill sets which are required for you to succeed in accomplishing a business analyst’s task.

  1. Separate and list your technical skills in a clear manner

Hiring managers often complain of messy resumes which mix up special skills and technical skills. If you are lucky, you will get a hiring manager who has the patience to go through each and every skill set listed to identify according to expertise. However, let’s be realistic, even if the hiring manager had the patience to do so, he or she might not have the time to do so.

In order to save the hiring manager’s time and for his or her convenience, the best way to go about it is by having a section highlighting your special skills.

For example, under the category of certification you can list CBAP, CCBA or PMI-PBA while under the category of domains you can list the domains which you specialise in such as finance, banking or logistics.

  1. Use a separate section to highlight relevant experience

What is the main thing each and every hiring manager is looking for when reading through the resumes of hopeful applicants? Hiring managers seek relevant experience which a candidate can offer. If a hiring manager cannot find this crucial information within the first page of your resume, you might as well know that your job application is on its way to the reject pile.

Hiring managers more frequently choose to skim through resumes instead of read through them thoroughly to cover as many applicants as possible. Hence when you provide a separate section which highlights your relevant skills, this helps the hiring manager see these points first.

Here are some amazing tips which will help you highlight your relevant experience:

  • You may have worked a gazillion jobs in a spread of five years. You do not have to list down all of them but instead pay attention to the ones with responsibilities and work experience related to that of a business analyst.
  • Be precise about your relevant experiences. Too much explanations tend to be more confusing that clear.
  • Make sure this portion stays on the first page of your resume to keep the hiring manager’s attention
  • When listing down your skills, make sure you include related working experiences as a business analyst in months, offer a synopsis of the experience and precise examples regarding your professional history.


  1. Speak like a business analyst to prove your working experience

When you are well versed in a particular field, you will somehow let the field control the way you speak and the way you act. In other words, your chosen domain becomes you. With that being said, do not be afraid to illustrate examples in your business analyst resume with business analyst phrases such as requirement lifecycle management, diagrams, requirement verification and more.

If you are concerned that the hiring manager will not understand the phrases, fret not as the hiring manager has the basic understanding about the phrases.

  1. Include your academic qualifications and personal details

Do not be too focused on including information about your working experience as a business analyst to the extent that you forget to list down your academic certifications and qualifications. However, when listing down your academic qualifications and personal details, be wary of the amount of information that you target to share with the hiring manager.

For example, play it safe with personal information and stick to general information such as your date of birth, nationality, marital status and fluency in languages.

For your academic background, make sure you inform the hiring manager of the exact program you graduated in and which university you graduated from, when did you graduate and what was the percentage of your grade when you graduated. This is considered as basic and substantial information to be shared.

  1. Be sure to justify your work accomplishments

In your resume application, you will be listing down a detailed explanation about the projects you have handled as a business analyst and how you manage to solve problems or challenges which come along the way. Be sure to include a detailed explanation as business analysts are often people who are precise and detailed. Lack of justification for each and every accomplishment will make the hiring manager question your abilities for the role.


The most important aspect about creating a successful business analyst resume is the ability to create a detailed and relevant resume to the job position you are applying for. Try to think from the perspective of a hiring manager in terms of what would they need to choose one candidate over another.

That being said, all the best!

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